What Is Moon4Traders Trading Based On?

Full NDD (no Dealing Desk) order execution method

Advanced system of order execution without dealer involvement

STP Forex Model

Ensures straight-through processing of transactions

DMA (Direct Market Access) order execution

An order is opened directly on the side of the Liquidity Provider

OneZero Bridge Solution

Guarantees execution of orders in 0.15 seconds

STP-DMA Technology

Evolution in the world of trading: every order immediately appears in the order-book of the Liquidity Provider

BBO (Best Bid Offer) order aggregation system

Ensures tightest spreads without any markup regardless of the market volatility

Under which strategies is Moon4Traders Trading Effective?


It is very easy to place pending orders inside the spread

News Trading

Trade News Volatility with Tight Spreads and efficient execution.

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