What is a social trading account?

Social trading accounts are a unique and exciting feature offered by Moon4Traders. Simply put, social trading allows you to follow and copy the trades of other traders on the platform. This means you can learn from experienced traders and potentially profit by replicating their successful strategies. With social trading, you can also interact with other traders, ask questions, share ideas and strategies, and build a network of people with similar interests. In addition, you can use the social trading platform to track and analyze the performance of the traders you follow, and adjust your own strategies accordingly. Social trading accounts are an excellent way to improve your trading skills, learn from others and potentially profit in a more collaborative and social trading environment.

Benefits for beginners

What is the difference between a PAMM and a MAM account?

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) and MAM (Multiple Account Manager) trading accounts are two types of managed trading accounts that allow several investors to pool their funds and invest in the financial markets. However, there are some differences between the two.

A PAMM account is managed by a single money manager who trades on behalf of all investors in the account. Each investor has a percentage share of the account’s equity, and gains and losses are allocated to each investor based on his or her percentage share. The money manager has full control over trading decisions and can execute trades for all investors simultaneously, using the same trading strategy.

On the other hand, a MAM account is managed by a trader who has the ability to execute trades on several individual accounts using a single master account. Each investor has his own individual account with his own funds, and the trader manages all the accounts together using the same trading strategy. In a MAM account, the trader has more flexibility to adjust the trade size and risk allocation for each individual account, depending on the investor’s preferences.

In summary, while both PAMM and MAM accounts offer investors the opportunity to invest in the financial markets through a managed trading account, the main difference lies in the level of control the money manager or trader has over trading decisions and risk management, and the allocation of profits and losses to individual investors.

How it works:

The experienced trader opens a master account and trades on it.

Our platform collects all business statistics in DataBase.

The master account appears on the leaderboard where investors can find it and subscribe if they like its statistics.

After subscription, all new master positions will be copied to the investors' accounts.

Benefits for investors

Benefits for experienced traders

Create an investment portfolio with several traders

Why invest in one money manager’s strategy when you can invest in five, ten or even 15 traders and diversify your risk?

One or more may lose money, while the successful ones will profit and offset the losses. It is the same risk control approach that applies with stock trading.

Be part of our community of successful investors

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